Germany (99 mins, director: Erik Schmitt)
The city of Berlin, and its history, star alongside a luminous Marleen Lohse in this playful, joyous and visually inventive story about a magical clock and a young woman's desire to rewind time.

Lohse (Counterpart) stars as the titular Cleo, an effervescent but emotionally guarded woman struggling to move on from the deaths of her parents: her mother died giving birth to Cleo during the fall of the Berlin Wall, while her beloved father met his fate indulging his daughter’s childish whims. Now an adult, Cleo is convinced she can rewrite the past with a mythical clock and embarks on a lively adventure through time and city to track it down, helped by cheerful stranger Paul, a band of misfits and a historic treasure map.

The feature debut of award-winning short-filmmaker Erik Schmitt, Cleo takes viewers on a wonderfully imaginative and uplifting journey as Cleo and Paul navigate Berlin’s streets and stories, meeting an eccentric cast of characters along the way – from the city’s urban legends to its most famous citizens, past and present. Using eye-popping colour, optical illusions, animation and some splendid cinematography (courtesy of award-winning lenser Johannes Louis), Schmitt weaves a delightful tale about the power of hope and the importance of imagination.

“The colourful streets of modern Berlin play host to a fantastical adventure … a charming central performance from Lohse ensures the route taken is both surprising and memorable.” – Screen International

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Language: German, with English subtitles
Genre: Drama
Classroom discussion points: Facing the past, opening up, making a connection, use of imagination and fantasy, coping with grief
Age suitability advice: Mild violence
MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 10+

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