Italy (84 mins, dir. Marco Renda)
A young girl with malformed ears uses fantasy to help her cope with classroom bullies and process the death of her father in this Italian coming-of-age film.

For Edhel, school is a nightmare of bullying. She is made a target because of her ears, which conspicuously end in points. Already grieving the passing of her father, her torment at school causes her to withdraw and her only joy is the time she spends with her father’s horse, Caronte. Edhel also has a fractious relationship with her mother, who wishes her to undertake a procedure that will correct the shape of her daughter’s ears. Yet Edhel comes to see them in a new light when she strikes up a friendship with the school janitor who believes the girl’s ears are a mark of the elves – and a mystical new world opens up to her.

Director Marco Renda’s fable of recognising inner strength and learning to accept one’s own differences is a fantastical ride for young audiences.

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Language: Italian
Genre: Drama
Classroom discussion points: Bullying, dealing with grief, fractured family relationships, friendship, fantasy, coming-of-age
Age suitability advice: MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 10+
Contains some mild-impact violence including one scene involving the main protagonist being beaten by school students and another of the janitor being beaten by two other men.

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