Key Themes



Boy on the Bridge

Cyprus (85 mins, dir. Petros Charalambous)
Language: Greek, w/English subtitles

It’s summer in 1988 and 12-year-old Socrates is spending his days riding bikes around his tiny village in Cyprus and setting off makeshift firecrackers with his cousin and best friend, Marcos. But a d...

Fly Away Home

Austria (109 mins, director: Mirjam Unger)
Language: German, w/English subtitles

After nine-year-old Christl's home is destroyed in an air raid, she and her family are moved to an abandoned villa on the outskirts of Vienna. It's the summer of 1945 and for a few blessed weeks, she ...

Hello, Goodbye

Japan (80 mins, dir. Takeo Kikuchi)
Language: Japanese, w/English subtitles

Hazuki and Aoi are classmates but their relationship outside class is fraught, and outside school non-existent. But when both girls are drawn to helping an elderly woman, they're forced to interact, c...

Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess

France (57 mins, dir. Michel Ocelot)
Language: French, w/English subtitles

In a forgotten cinema in Paris, a projectionist and his two young assistants are bringing stories of old to life on the screen. In one, a young girl fights back against the monsters who terrorise her ...


Dominican Republic (78 mins, dir. Yanillys Perez)
Language: Spanish, w/English subtitles

Charismatic 12-year-old Jeffrey lives in the slums of Santo Domingo, where he washes windshields at an intersection to help his family of nine make ends meet. Precocious and pragmatic, he nevertheless...


Indonesia (82 mins, dir. Pritagita Arianegara)
Language: Indonesian, w/English subtitles

In a secluded village in Indonesia's beautiful Maluku Islands, ten-year-old Salawaku's older sister has gone. Salawaku takes it upon himself to find her and sets off on a grand journey into the wild h...


People's Republic of China (90 mins, dir. Xiang Zhao)
Language: Mandarin, w/English subtitles

For 10-year-old Zhu – nickname: Stonehead – a brand new soccer ball is the most incredible gift he's ever received. He wants to keep it pure and untouched until he can play with his Dad, but his paren...


France (84 mins, dir. Olivier Babinet)
Language: French, w/English subtitles

In the underprivileged Parisian bainlieue of Aulnay-sous-Bois, a diverse group of teenagers wrestle with familiar questions of what it means to leave childhood behind: love, identity, ambition, friend...