Fly Away Home

Austria (109 mins, director: Mirjam Unger)
The weeks in summer of 1945, when everything lay in ashes, were the most exciting, most thrilling and maybe even most beautiful weeks of my childhood - author Christine Nostlinger

After nine-year-old Christl's home is destroyed in an air raid, she and her family are moved to an abandoned villa on the outskirts of Vienna. It's the summer of 1945 and for a few blessed weeks, she finds a peace and lightness she's never known before. But when the Nazis retreat and the Russians move in, Christl discovers that her life is far from returning to normal.

Award-winning author Christine Nöstlinger's much-loved, autobiographical Young Adult novel is now a captivating feature film from writer/director Mirjam Unger. Filmed with an almost entirely female cast and crew, Fly Away Home is a deeply humane portrait of children in war, and the plight of innocents caught up in a conflict they never asked for.

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26/07/20171:30pmHoyts Melbourne Central Cinema 11Past event
04/08/201711:00amACMI 2Past event


Language: German, w/English subtitles
Genre: Drama
Classroom discussion points: The emotional and psychological impact of war, differentiating between those who wage war and those who are considered the enemy through association, how to treat the enemy humanely, who suffers the most during war
Age suitability advice: Contains themes concerning war. Some non-explicit scenes depicting people and animals being shot, some scenes where people are physically assaulted, and scenes implying the threat of sexual violence. Some scenes implying (not showing) sexual activity between consenting adults. Some moderate coarse language
Unclassified: restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult. MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 15+

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