Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess

France (57 mins, dir. Michel Ocelot)
Michel Ocelot, the modern master of French animation, delivers another fantastical kaleidoscope of imagery and invention.

In a forgotten cinema in Paris, a projectionist and his two young assistants are bringing stories of old to life on the screen. In one, a young girl fights back against the monsters who terrorise her community. In another, a cabin boy on a pirate ship and a cat join forces, while in yet another a young sorcerer gains great power, but at a terrible cost. Finally, a Russian prince must go on an elaborate quest to save his father, only to fall in love.

The latest film from virtuoso silhouettist Michel Ocelot (Tales of the Night, MIFF 2011; Azur and Asmar, MIFF 2007) is a visually sumptuous journey through four wildly different worlds of imagination and intrigue. Packed to the brim with jaw-dropping animation, winsome humour and sublime storytelling, Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess is a film of sheer cinematic pleasures.

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Language: French, w/English subtitles
Genre: Animation/Fantasy
Classroom discussion points: The power of fairytales, stories from around the world, archetypes and mythology, what it means to be a hero.
Age suitability advice: Contains some mild-impact supernatural themes and very mild-impact horror themes. Some scenes with mild-impact violence
Unclassified: no age restrictions. MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 10+

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