Indonesia (82 mins, dir. Pritagita Arianegara)
The remote wilderness of Indonesia's Maluku Islands provide a magnificent backdrop for this gentle journey of youthful discovery.

In a secluded village in Indonesia's beautiful Maluku Islands, ten-year-old Salawaku's older sister has gone. Salawaku takes it upon himself to find her and sets off on a grand journey into the wild heart of his country. Joined in his travels by the son of the village chief and a tourist from Jakarta carrying her own heavy burden, Salawaku will learn to see his sister in a new light after discovering that the world of adults is more complicated than it seems.

From rising star of Indonesian cinema Pritagita Arianegara comes Salawaku, an eye-opening and heart-stirring road movie set in a stretch of the world where roads barely exist. Nominated for eight awards at the Indonesian Film Festival, including Best Film and Best Director, it is a film of surprises and wonder, where difficult secrets and glorious landscapes combine into a tender and morally complex whole.

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Language: Indonesian, w/English subtitles
Genre: Drama
Classroom discussion points: Double standards for men and women in different cultures; attitudes towards sex and family; how romance is depicted in cinema; the divide between the country lifestyle and the city lifestyle; knowing how to behave ethically
Age suitability advice: Contains themes concerning unwanted pregnancy for an adult character with indirect references to abortion. Some scenes with very mild-impact violence
Unclassified: no age restrictions. MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 10+

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