People's Republic of China (90 mins, dir. Xiang Zhao)
A tale of friendship and football.

For 10-year-old Zhu – nickname: Stonehead – a brand new soccer ball is the most incredible gift he's ever received. He wants to keep it pure and untouched until he can play with his Dad, but his parents have been away in the city for months. After his best friend Pouchy lets the rest of the class know about Stonehead's prize, he's forced to share it with them. However, when the ball goes flat, suspicion immediately falls on Pouchy; and when he starts getting bullied, it's up to Stonehead to make everything right.

Stonehead is a tender and gently wrought exploration of the plight of China's 'left behind' kids: the estimated 60 million children who live with their grandparents in remote, impoverished villages while their parents move to the city to find work. Naturalistic and filled with endearing performances from its cast of first-time child actors, Stonehead is a moving testament to the innocence and angst of childhood and the bonds between friends.

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Language: Mandarin, w/English subtitles
Genre: Drama
Classroom discussion points: Doing the right thing even when it's not the best thing for you personally; resilience to bullying; how far you would go to look out for a friend; growing up poor; growing up with absent parents; lying versus telling the truth
Age suitability advice: Contains themes concerning poverty and parental absence. Some scenes with mild impact violence
Unclassified: no age restrictions. MIFF recommends this film is suitable for ages 10+

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